Ріки кохання

Artist Kamaliya
Title Ріки кохання
Release Date Monday, March 5, 2018
Genre Pop > Pop
Copyright © TanArm Music Publishing LLC

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Rivers of Love

Kamaliya has already established herself as one of Ukraine´s biggest stars.
As a singer, songwriter, model and actress she managed to gain respectful success in these various areas of entertainment.
With her ability to mix pop, dance and opera she manages to combine classical influences with a modern spirit to enchant the audience.
This single is a Ukrainian version of Kamaliya’s famous „Timeless“ single. On this single, as well as the other famous hits she chose to work with the well-proven team surrounding Uwe Fahrenkroog-Petersen (Nena, Justin Timberlake, Prince, etc.). And once more they managed to to create another smash hit that will capture the audience’s attention while the mind travels through exotic yet familiar soundscapes.


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