Artist jure goručan
Title Innuendo
Release Date Friday, June 16, 2017
Genre Classical > Instrumental
Composer Frédéric Chopin
Songwriter Instrumental
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Innuendo - Album of three piano masterpieces by Jure Goručan

"Jure Goručan is more than a pianist in fact he is more than musician, he is a philosopher of music and you can hear it in every note he plays." (Chilly Gonzales, pianist, composer, producer, singer)
The repertoire resonates with man's deepest fears, flaws and in the after all, the beauty of human vulnerability. It will deliver a deep self-reflection for the listeners.
The album starts with Chopin’s second piano sonata build around the infamous Funeral march. The movements take us through a journey of confrontation, resistance, remembering the good times, remembering the bad times, death itself and what happens next.
After this point, Ravel's Gaspar de la nuit "horrors of the night" has a good place as a central theme of the album. It is written on three poems and it somewhat similar theme as Chopin's sonata, but from a third person's perspective. Thefinal piece shall be Rachmaninoff's 2nd sonata, which depicts constant attempts to grasp the ungraspable, striving for perfection knowing it is impossible, longing and desperation, triumph of chaos and war.


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