The Musica E.P

Artist Junior Lazarou & Ziggy Gee.
Title The Musica E.P
Release Date Saturday, June 30, 2012
Genre Electronic > Techno > Tribal
Copyright © Booty Shake Records

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The Musica EP.

The Musica E.P. BSR: 049 - Essa Musica Delicia - Junior Lazarou. Tribal Techno meets 60's espionage movie. Lazarou's mission was to create a techno track, with a breakdown that remind's you of a scene from a non existent sixties movie about spies, espionage, blackmail & cold-war bad guy's in furry hats. We think he failed. Therefore, we may have to "terminate" his contract. Although, he may come in useful for the future, because the toilets at the Booty Shake HQ do need a right good clean. BSR: 050 - Musica - Ziggy Gee. Tough Progressive Electro Techno. Mr Gee's mission, should he choose to accept it, was to turn out another slamming techno track for Booty Shake Records 50th release. He decided to accept this mission. Job well & truly done. This track bangs harder than a safe crackers bag of detonators. Designed to blow the roof off, it would be useless trying to open a safe with it.

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