Marsupial Dub

Artist Junior Lazarou & Ziggy Gee.
Title Marsupial Dub
Release Date Sunday, September 30, 2012
Genre Electronic > Dance > Dub
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Marsupial Dub

BSR: 057 - Marsupial Dub (Original Version) - Junior Lazarou. This track does not contain any traces of Marsupials, There has never been a Kangaroo anywhere near this track, and the factory in which it was created & packed, does not handle any Koalas what so ever. I can assure you 100% that this track doesn't even know the difference between a Marsupial or a Mammal, or a fish for that matter. Marsupial Dub is a tasty slice of Steppin' Dub Reggae from our man Junior Lazarou, back at the controls, Shakin' down the house. BSR: 058 - Marsupial Dub (Wombat Version) - Ziggy Gee. Now here is a man who knows a thing or two about Marsupials, he has hundreds of DVD's, Magazines, T-shirts, Key-rings, Badges and a whole load more Marsupial paraphernalia. I think his favourite has to be "Wombat Monthly", as they always give away a big poster for free, and his studio walls a covered in these classic wombat posters. Speaking of studio's, Ziggy Gee's version of Marsupial Dub is a dark and disturbing Drum & Bass number with a serious jump up bassline and skull rattling breakbeats, my neighbours hate it already.

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