Buggin E.p.

Artist Junior Lazarou & Ziggy Gee
Title Buggin E.p.
Release Date Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Genre Electronic > House > Dubstep & Grime
Copyright © Booty Shake Records

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Buggin Ep - Junior Lazarou & Ziggy Gee

BSR039 - Buggin - Junior Lazarou - This month Junior slows the bpm down with some fat Moombahton rammed full of Bass and snappy snares, this track is tighter than Dr Zoidberg's Death Grip during Claw-Plach. BSR040 - Counterstrike - Ziggy Gee - Digging through an old shoe box he found in the Loft, Ziggy Gee found and old copy of Red Alert Counterstrike. He remembered that whilst holding shift and clicking the right speaker at the main screen it gave you access to special Ant Missions.


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