2-Bit Rudeboy E.P.

Artist Junior Lazarou & Ziggy Gee
Title 2-Bit Rudeboy E.P.
Release Date Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Genre Electronic > Techno > Dub Techno
Copyright © Booty Shake Records

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Electronic Dubstep Techno Fidget Electro House Music From Booty Shake.

2-Bit Rudeboy E.P. Booty Shake Records. Junior Lazarou & Ziggy Gee. BSR: 033 - 2-Bit Rudeboy - Junior Lazarou (Tech-Dub Version). Heavy throbbing bassline 4X4 Techno with a seriously Dubbed out breakdown. Reggae Blues Party meets Wonky Jackin' Rave Party head on with Junior Lazarou's latest release for Booty Shake Records. It is quite clear that Junior has been spending way to much time listening to old dub reggae records this month, and then fiddling with the drum machines again, instead of getting on with his real job here at Booty Shake Records, which is actually cleaning the toilets. BSR: 034 - 2-Bit Rudeboy - Ziggy Gee (Electro DubStep Version). Electro Dubstep Fidget House Music. Twisted, sick and a little bit weird, just like the man responsible for this filthy track. Ziggy Gee comes up with the goods yet again for Booty Shake Records, although, we did threaten to throw him out of our office window if he didn't have the track finished on time, we might still do it, because the state of his studio is a total disgrace at the moment. Seriously, I'm not joking, you can't move for stuff.


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17.12.2011 Disuko At The Soundhaus, Glasgow