Don’t Stop Trying

Artist Juan van Emmerloot feat. Robby Valentine
Title Don’t Stop Trying
Release Date Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Genre Rock > Rock > Pop / Rock
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DON’T STOP TRYING - Juan van Emmerloot feat. Robby Valentine

DON’T STOP TRYING - Juan van Emmerloot feat. Robby Valentine
For at least 6 years, Juan van Emmerloot was a drummer in Robby Valentine's band. The last time they played live on stage was at a reunion concert in May 2008. Juan performed on several albums, including Live & Demos, Valentine, United, Believing Is Seeing, V-Project, and The Most Beautiful Pain.
Juan: “When I was working with Robby I had the opportunity to see how multi-talented he actually is; songwriting, piano, keys, guitars, bass, singing, recording, mixing... Actually, the entire package that is described best as a "Recording Artist & Producer."

Robby and Juan decided to collaborate on several tracks as co-writers in 2003.
Juan recorded everything on his mutlitrack machine, brought the recorder home and began working on some guitar and bass overdubs and started mixing... However, for some reason, he was unable to finish, mix, or publish these songs.
Now, 18 years later, it seems that the time has come to release the first single from that special collaboration
Juan: “I truly think that Robby is a good example of a genuine artist who always follows his heart and stays true to his music, no matter what other people say. Therefor I’d like to dedicate our song titled: “Don’t Give Up Trying” to him especially!”

composition: Robby Valentine, Juan van Emmerloot
lyrics: Robby Valentine https://www.robbyvalentine.nl
vocals, backing vocals, keys, lead & rhythm guitars: Robby Valentine
guitar solo: Mark Bogert https://www.we-make-music.com/artist-releases/mark-bogert/
drums, bass, Moog & sound-effects: Juan van Emmerloot
music production at https://www.vanmerlootmusicpros.com by Juan van Emmerloot
mastered at TheRoomRecordings by Emile Bode
front cover picture: Hans van Eijsden https://www.hansvaneijsden.com
front cover edit: Emile Bode I https://www.vormdesign.nl
label & publishing: MUSIC™ /TheRoomRecordings Publishing https://www.we-make-music.com /

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