Petits Morceaux

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Petits Morceaux - Juan Maria Escobar & Mariola de Beitia

The spanish duo Juan María Escobar (Clarinet) and Mariola de Beitia (Piano) invite us with this CD - Petits Morceaux - to a sublime journey with the delicate sound of the clarinet and the warmth of the piano accompaniment. This atmosphere of musical balance increases the interest in listening repeatedly the long legato phrases and the eloquent and communicative sound of the wood. These works are  intended to be calm, peaceful and tranquil, perhaps being suitable for relaxation and contemplation. At the same time, these are compositions of substance that will be satisfying for active listening as well. The wide diversity of styles and compositional techniques represented will appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners. This disc will provide many hours of enjoyment and the repeated listening will reveal varied levels of musical discovery. Enjoy it!

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