Estrecho de Gibraltar

Artist Jose Lopez/ Alexander Levico
Title Estrecho de Gibraltar
Release Date Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Genre Latin > Instrumental
Copyright © Diamond Roses Records

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A Masterpiece of Music: "Estrecho de Gibraltar"/ Jose Lopez y Alexander Levico

The original idea of "Estrecho de Gibraltar" is from Jose Lopez. He is one of the leading members and masterminds of the latin music scene in Europe. He e.g. cooperated with the Gypsy Kings and other giants of the music-buiz. "Estrecho" reflects a childhood-memory of the artist: Jose Lopez stood at the Strait of Gibraltar, gazed onto the ocean and awaited the arrival of the ship his dad travelled the sea with as a seaman. The production of this sentimental piece of instrumental music took place in 2010. Alexander Levico added the bass-melody, some solo-parts, the percussion-line and the drums. He also arranged "Estrecho de Gibraltar". The result is felicitous. In addition, the sensational Top-Act "Scarabeo - The Next Level Of Club-Experience" will release a modified - danceable - version of "Estrecho" in 2012. "Estrecho de Gibraltar" is a wonderful piece of music! Enjoy it! Again and again! (Text: Diamond Roses Records)


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