Christmas Time Is Here Again

Artist jonny boston
Title Christmas Time Is Here Again
Release Date Sunday, November 1, 2020
Genre Holiday > Christmas
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Christmas Time is Here Again

There are a lot of Christmas carols out there. Nevertheless it's worth listening to this brand new Feelgood-Christmas song, written by jonny boston & Curtis Helmut.

Snow is falling softly
soon will come the time
christmas is on the doorstep
and the eyes of the children shine

A fire burns in the fireplace
an angel seems to be near
there is nothing more exciting
it's the best time of the year


Christmas time is here again
the candles are shining bright
high up on the christmas tree
as we sing "Silent Night"

We all come together
enjoying good drinks and food
without this Christmas season
life would only be half as good


Snow is falling softly
the children play outside
they build a giant snowman
on this magic winter night

And everyone holds hands
all worries are far away
life would only be half as good
without this christmas day

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