The Complete Journey

Artist John Ellers
Title The Complete Journey
Release Date Friday, March 31, 2023
Genre New Age > Ambient
Copyright © John Ellers

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The complete journey of John Ellers

The journey consists of 10 lounge/chillout songs connected to sounds from space.
The idea of the music tracks came when I was in Venice. In the Dodge Palace I saw several pillars with heads in them. It seemed as if these heads wanted to escape from the columns. So that's how I came up with this project. I also wanted to make melodic lounge music, a music style that I had never made before.
I later found out that NASA had released several sounds from the universe to the public. The human ear cannot hear sounds in space. Space sounds can only be detected with the help of special instruments used by NASA. These sounds sound very special to me. That's why I connected the 10 numbers with these separate sounds.


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