I Sing My Love To You

Artist Jess Ferri
Title I Sing My Love To You
Release Date Saturday, December 14, 2013
Genre Folk > Traditional Folk
Copyright © Soul Studios

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New album of traditional Celtic folk songs by Sightless singer Jess Ferri

Jess Ferri has delivered beautiful renditions of old classic celtic songs, along with traditional harp and piano playing by Sharyn Grant, and guitar playing by Matthew King. The recordings come across as pure, unrefined beauty, with hints of Enya. "I have been singing ever since I can remember (I started taking lessons in primary school). I first became interested in Celtic music in 1996 while on holiday in Australia with my family. I saw Enya’s album Memory Of Trees advertised on TV and bought it. My love of Celtic music, particularly from Scotland, Ireland and Wales grew from there." - Jess Ferri


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