Artist Jens Egert
Title Gaia
Release Date Sunday, June 16, 2019
Genre New Age > Contemporary Instrumental
Copyright © Klangspuren LC18265

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Gaia - the great mother of all creation is a symbol for the personified earth, Mother Goddess, who produces and nourishes everything living. For me it also means a universal being of permanent change, adaptation and renewal. Gaia does not need us but without Gaia we can not live and exist.
GAIA has inspired me to create these sounds. I tried to express the relationship of Nature and how a great number of humanity behave and dealing with it.
I played on a Korg Music Workstation 01/WFD where I got a big variety of sound samples to create different moods for each track.The first track Harmony - Original Unity starts in a joyful, calm mood,later becomes a bit gloomy in anticipation of human action.Track 6 is a Hymn for Gaia. Originally it was a song with lyrics but I use the melody with different instrumental sounds with my Notation program MuseScore 3 with a big Sound diversity.
I used overtone singing at the end track 9 Healing which expresses a happy, hopeful mood.
Design Artwork of Gaia cover by Uwe Egert (copyright)


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