Abadi Timeless

Artist Jens Egert
Title Abadi Timeless
Release Date Thursday, April 23, 2015
Genre Alternative > Instrumental
Copyright © Klangspuren LC-18265

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Abadi Timeless Instrumental Melodies woven in to each other

Abadi Timeless is a composition of 5 different Instruments, Oboe, Violin, Guitar, Violoncello and Viola da Gamba.There is a base of Guitar chords and above these the Instruments Melodies are moving. This tune has a certain classical Character because of the independent Melodies who complement each other. The mood is rather melancholic but hopeful and a calm approach. As the chord progression is cyclic the name Abadi fits very well. Abadi is an Indonesian word and means Eternal, lasting, perpetual,everlasting, unending.The mix was done by Sound Specialist Nick Kay from Australia in his EL PASO Recording Studio.


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