Soul of Strings - Jens Egert

Artist Jens Egert / Ramesh Shotham / Solita Cornelis
Title Soul of Strings - Jens Egert
Release Date Monday, May 24, 2010
Genre New Age > Ethnic Fusion
Copyright © Klangspuren LC-18265

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Soul of Strings - Jens Egert

SOUL OF STRINGS is a Studio Production dominated by two Instruments: the western Guitar and the Indian String Instrument Sarod, as shown on the cover photo. Although they speak different languages they complement each other through communicating with dialogs creating a specific mood of the tune with melodic movements. The contrast of the instruments become obvious by the harmonic, supporting structure of the Guitar and the melodic subltle melodies of the northindian Sarod or Sitar. The meeting of two music systems are melting with each other in order to flow into the Sound ocean of World Music. A symbol for the synthesis of WEST EAST Occident and Orient SOUL of STRINGS is a music with many colors which invites one to relax and inspire. It connects different worlds of sound. All music was composed by Jens Egert. The last 3 tracks are published for the first time.This Production is the first Publication of music from Jens Egert. Inspired during long study of Indian Music and travel in Asia. He creates new sounds with Sarod, Sitar, Guitar, Cora. Solita Cornelis is playing Solo Flute on track 10 on Barock Interplay
The international South Indian Percussionist Ramesh Shotham adds Indian Rhythm with Ghatam, Kanjira, Dhol. Tavil on track 1 and 2. Ramesh Shotham is recognized as one of the most successful percussionists around. He has performed not only with leading European and American Jazz and Rock musicians, but also with artistes from Africa, Australia, China, Korea and several Arabic countries. During the last 20-odd years, Shotham has recorded over 120 LPs and CDs and has worked for almost all the leading TV and Radio stations in Germany and Europe. .Seit vielen Jahren ist der aus Südindien stammende und in Köln lebende Percussionist und Schlagzeuger Ramesh Shotham ein Brückenbauer zwischen Ost und West. Mit seinen unverwechselbaren, komplexen südindischen Rhythmen garniert er das Menü aus Jazz, Funk, Rock und Ethnomusik, voll packender Melodien und Improvisationen. Eine Fusion verschiedener Kulturen, bei der es keine musikalischen Grenzen gibt.


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