Slovenské spevy / Slovak Songs

Artist Iva Bittová / Mucha Quartet
Title Slovenské spevy / Slovak Songs
Release Date Friday, March 18, 2016
Genre Classical > Vocal
Composer Béla Bartók
Songwriter Unknown
Copyright © Pavian Records

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Unique project by Iva Bittová and ensemble Mucha Quartet out now!

Vladimír Godár´s transcription of Slovak songs by Béla Bartók gave us a chance to touch again the world of folk music. Mucha Quartet is a young and talented ensemble from Bratislava. Collaboration with Iva Bittová was enormously inspirational from both musical and personal viewpoints. Her animated and spontaneous rendition deeply penetrates the substance of performed music. The series consists of 44 pieces, whilst 13 of them develop the melodies of Slovak folk songs. In Bartók´s collection they sought out the original folk melodies and lyrics, which they designated for a solo voice. Other voices of Bartók´s arrangment were given to the medium of a string quartet, which evoke both the folkloric world and the world of artistic composition,


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