Enjoy the Swim

Artist haring & the trouts
Title Enjoy the Swim
Release Date Thursday, January 14, 2021
Genre Country > Alternative Country
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Enjoy the Digital Swim with haring & the trouts

Mostly female country rock band with queer-feminist lyrics by Sol Haring and Kordula Knaus. Bass Guitar, Blues Harp, Electric- and Western Guitars, Banjo, supported by Violine (Jennifer Kremser and Stefanie Egger). Drums: Stefan Schreiner.

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Radio Alpenstar (AUSTRIA) http://radio-alpenstar.at
    Arkansas Girl (haring & the trouts)
    Cowgirl (haring & the trouts)
    Feel Good Trout Song (haring & the trouts)
    Feisty (haring & the trouts)
    Going All Down (haring & the trouts)
    In der Frauengasse (haring & the trouts)
    Native Princess (haring & the trouts)
    Nude Bar (haring & the trouts)
    Old Granny Smith (haring & the trouts)
    Real Woman Blues (haring & the trouts)
    Shoe 42 (haring & the trouts)
    Slidetro (haring & the trouts)
    Wee Ol' Potato Gal (haring & the trouts)
    You Wish You Cut (haring & the trouts)