Amiga Game Soundtracks Vol.1

Artist Hannes Seifert
Title Amiga Game Soundtracks Vol.1
Release Date Friday, March 19, 2010
Genre Soundtracks > Game Music
Copyright © Osutoria Holding GmbH

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Original Commodore Amiga Game Soundtracks

Soundtracks from the Amiga Games "Fantasy Games", "Xarom", "Push It!" and "Qattro" released in 1991. Music composed by Hannes Seifert. Games published by Silverbyte Software.


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    Fantasy Games Character Menu (Hannes Seifert)
    Fantasy Games Main Menu (Hannes Seifert)
    Fantasy Games Maps (Hannes Seifert)
    Fantasy Games Title (Hannes Seifert)
    Fantasy Games Training (Hannes Seifert)
    PushIt Bonus Song (Hannes Seifert)
    PushIt Title (Hannes Seifert)
    Qattro Title (Hannes Seifert)
    Xarom Title (Hannes Seifert)