Grad Gori

Artist Grad Gori
Title Grad Gori
Release Date Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Genre Folk > Contemporary Folk
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Grad gori! is a fresh new Slovenian band that brings old Slovenian and European

Grad gori! brings together vocalist Brina Vogelnik, violinist Barja Drnovšek, accordionist Matija Solce and percussionist Blaž Celarec to bring traditional Slovenian and European folk stories to life and place them in a modern context. The result is a kind of “castle” music that presents Slovenian, Swedish and Czech folk stories of princesses kidnapped, cursed or saved – the heroines of all times. But don’t worry, it’s not only romantic: there is also humour and cabaret’

The band leans heavily on songs from all over the world, with Czech, Swedish and American folk songs seamlessly combined with or translated into Slovenian ballads. Despite their folkloric origin and atmosphere, the songs examine the familiar problems of our own society.

Listen to how Brina’s tender voice weaves itself between passionate, energetic accordion, locked in a wild dance with the violin. In the very next moment, the wild dance winds down and gives space to a moving melody that rises like mist over a raging torrent. Listen to Grad gori!.


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