Ghetto Overture

Artist Ghetto Overture
Title Ghetto Overture
Release Date Sunday, August 15, 2010
Genre R&B / Soul > Soul
Copyright © Higher Sphere.net
Country SWEDEN

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70s soul with a modern sound by Ghetto Overture !!!

Female producer & songwriter Iz aka Isabella included this studio project among the summer 2010 Higher Sphere releases. Project is influenced by artists as Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway among others. 'Gone' is about being left alone after a long relationship. 'The Ride' is about waiting and looking for positive sign from the person you is in love with. 'Captured the Stars' is about living on a less fortunate side of life and longing for a richer and more easy way of living. This is the first of 3 tracks from a full track production that is planned for 2011. This music was recorded during the hottest day during the summer in Sweden. Also please check out other R&B Soul releases from Higher Sphere like eg Commission of Release, Broken Messiah and Loop Machine. I hope you will enjoy to listen to the music. xox ----- The track, Gone, gets attention (radio plays) for Radio Station in Austria. FM Radio station in Portugal, contacts the band for a Radio interview. http://www.myspace.com/ghettooverture now has over 700 friends, 2 weeks after being launched.

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26.08.2010 Track, Gone gets attention from Radio Station in Austria

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Radio Karussell (AUSTRIA) http://www.radio-karussell.com/
    Captured The Stars (Ghetto Overture)
    Gone (Ghetto Overture)
    The Ride (Ghetto Overture)