The Best Of 1997-2005

Artist George McAnthony
Title The Best Of 1997-2005
Release Date Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Genre Country > Contemporary Country
Copyright © George McAnthony
Country ITALY

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George McAnthony, country singer-songwriter from Italy, the Best Of 1997-2005

George McAnthony, country singer-songwriter from Italy, presents the best of his albums “Great Spirit”, “Wild Horse Running”, “The Vision” and “Weekend Cowboy”, from 1997 to 2005. Additionally two bonus tracks are included, the self penned songs "Out Of The Flood "that talks about the Tsunami in 2004, and a cover of the smash hit Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm of the Crash Test Dummies, since preople say that he sounds just like Brad Roberts. Lyrics, tour dates, videos and biography on www.mcanthony.it George McAnthony, internationally acclaimed country singer and songwriter from Italy, is very well appreciated by both media and audience alike for many years. To date he has released fourteen CDs containing mostly self-penned material. George McAnthony writes and sings in English, his material is suitable both as dance music and for pure listening. Audiences comprise both old and young regardless of their language and background. George McAnthony attracts many fans who frequently travel along with him, a proof that country music is well appreciated in this part of the world too. George McAnthony is also known as "The Country One Man Band", because he performs in a very unique and original way, playing seven acoustic instruments altogether at the same time, live, without any playback and support of other musicians. George McAnthony performs self-penned titles that are about the everyday life and human values as well as classics of the country and folk genre. The artist’s charisma communicates strong emotions to his audiences. Career-highlights were for sure the duet performed with John Denver and appearances in different Radio and TV broadcasting shows. The country singer has been awarded as “Best European Country Artist, Vocalist & Country Song of the Year”. Besides his musical career George McAnthony is very much dedicated to charity projects. Lyrics, tour dates, videos and biography on www.mcanthony.it. ITALIANO: Il cantautore Country George McAnthony presenta il meglio degli album “Great Spirit”, “Wild Horse Running”, “The Vision” and “Weekend Cowboy”, dal 1997 al 2005 Testi, traduzioni italiane, calendario dei concerti, video, biografia e info su www.mcanthony.it DEUTSCH: Der Country-Sänger George McAnthony aus Südtirol präsentiert das Beste aus seinen CDs “Great Spirit”, “Wild Horse Running”, “The Vision” und “Weekend Cowboy”, von 1997 bis 2005. Lyrics, Konzerttermine, Videos, Biografie und Infos auf www.mcanthony.it.


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    Cross The Human Bridges (George McAnthony)
    Easy Going Man (George McAnthony)
    Everything In You (George McAnthony)
    Great Spirit (George McAnthony)
    I Can Fly (George McAnthony)
    Memphis, City Of Kings (George McAnthony)
    Mississippi River Dance (George McAnthony)
    Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (George McAnthony)
    Moccasin Walk (George McAnthony)
    Out Of The Flood (George McAnthony)
    Rainbow (George McAnthony)
    Take Me Home, Country Roads (George McAnthony)
    Thank You Folks (George McAnthony)
    The Star From Denver (George McAnthony)
    The Vision (George McAnthony)
    Trapper Jacket Joe (George McAnthony)
    Weekend Cowboy (George McAnthony)
    Wild Horse Running (George McAnthony)