General Sandoz/Many Roots/Sugilite Records

Artist General Sandoz
Title General Sandoz/Many Roots/Sugilite Records
Release Date Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Genre Reggae > Lovers Rock
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General Sandos (The General of Geneva) Many Roots .Roots Collection

General Sandoz is a brilliant young performer , born and raised in Geneve Switzerland at the early age of 15 he fell in love with music and went off touring around Europe with a bunch of guys playing rock music and getting the kind of experience that has shaped his career to develop and become the amazing artist that he is today at the young age of 23. General has over some years now adopted to the Rastafarian Phylosophy in mind heart and spirit by watching him perform you will see that he,s completely comfortable in his skin for want of a better phrase . He is a Rasta man in every sense of the word when you listen to his music you will feel the energy that transends beyond the speakers and will touch you physically , dont just take my word for it haha take a moment and listen a little to this EP his debue now available everywhere on Sugilite Records . I have been on tour with the General and he,s one of the new and very very exiting artist to be watching out for , his natural ability to work the stage and get the public involved in his soulful lovers anthem will blow you away completely . The fact that this artist hails from Geneve is even more amazing because Geneve is not known for this huge reggae city like London NYCity Amsterdam to name but a few and yet here he is about to surprise the world with his talent and what a talent . General has also over these recent years have become friends with some of Jamaicas biggest and most known artist and musicians from Jamaica , people like Ikong,Leroy Horsemouth the latter who is a very close friend and mentor .So much so that General is at present fixing to do a tour of South America with the legendary drummer Leroy Horsemouth one of the stars of the legendary reggae movie ROCKERS . General is at present in Brasil on tour spreading his wings to the four corners of this magnificent world bring the force of joy and peace everywhere he passes , so if your not able to catch him live now i am very sure you will be able to very soon indeed . In the meantime do yourself a great favour and go buy this EP sit back get a cool drink and loose yourself in beautiful music and a beautiful vibration to go with it . The General will be touring Europe in Summer 2017 if i was you i would make sure i make a note and dont miss this blue eyed Rastaman with the positive message in his music . Namaste Jah people .


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