General Sandoz/Many Grooves/Sugilite Records

Artist General Sandoz
Title General Sandoz/Many Grooves/Sugilite Records
Release Date Saturday, August 5, 2017
Genre Vocal
Copyright © Sugilite Records

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Many Grooves

Once again your hearing from the General you will remember his previous EP released about some 5 months ago (Many Roots) this time he brings you Many Grooves , a poppy R n B vibe totally of his own creation and you feel that right off the start. So much can be said for the fresh style aproach to the falavour he delivers so smoothly , at 23 General Sandoz has carved a place for himself as one of the new generation of artist that can rock you in many different styles and you will be rocked because he delivers in every style with a consistency . 4 Completely brand new tracks from the General beautifully executed instrumentations with the R n B flavour that makes you want to dance around , catchy lyrics like track one ( I DIDNT MEAN ) telling his old love he didnt mean to break her heart, number two (TELL ME ) a up tempo old school vibe up tempo that you can swing along to very much and dance away for sure continues nicely on the track ( OH BROTHER ) in a more semi balad type vibe always with a smooth delivery in his unique style and last but not least a wonderfully mixed dub version of ( TELL ME ) which by when you will be dancing your feet off . Dont just take my word for it go and check this latest works out and see for yourself as i have . Much more to com from this young artist who also delivers a exiting live performance where ever he appears so keep it locked on him and get the musical enjoyment . Peace Love and Guidance Namaste



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    I Didnt Mean (General Sandoz)
    Oh Brother (General Sandoz)
    Soul Dub (General Sandoz)
    Tell Me (General Sandoz)