Soul Potion

Artist Gasoline
Title Soul Potion
Release Date Thursday, January 15, 2009
Genre Rock > Rock > Pop / Rock
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Soul Potion - now digitally released...

Gasoline released their debut „We Love Mama“ in 2004 - almost an eternity ago by the standards of today’s media world. Now, three hot summers and countless gigs and rehearsals later, the band from Remscheid continue their story, laying „Soul Potion“ at our feet, or rather, putting it into our players, brought to you by Valve Records. Anyone who has seen these five lads play live will definitely go and see them again, and that their music stays with you is something of a trademark. Not surprising, then, that hardcore fans will already be familiar with most of the songs and just waiting for them to arrive on CD. Unsurprising also because the thirty-somethings have remained entirely true to themselves. „Soul Potion“ picks up where „We Love Mama“ left us begging for more. Eleven new songs present Gasoline as catchy without ingratiating themselves or being pushy, and as diverse without losing an ounce of recognition value. They’ve often been compared to the Black Crowes, and magical names such as the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd or the Stones are repeatedly mentioned. Questioned as to their own musical preferences, they are most likely to cite old-timers such as Humble Pie, Free or Otis Redding, and even if their repository of musical quotations is much larger than that, the question of how contemporary their music is remains at best academic. There’s no doubt that Jens Bakker is a singer you won’t forget, and one who dominates his band at first glance. A voice you would recognise among thousands. The guy manages to transmit his considerable charisma even across the cables of your home stereo, shouting his way through tracks that are more or less all potential earworms, undeniably the frontman and mouthpiece of the group. This is a common distribution of roles, traditional and in keeping with the nature of each of the five band members. But a closer look quickly reveals that he’s no lone gunman. Each of these five needs the others, and even if Bakker writes most of the lyrics, Gasoline and their music means more to the five musicians than just being in a band – audibly, almost palpably so. Their „Sweet Rock’n’Roll“, as they like to call their mixture of hand-made 60s rock, psychedelia, southern rock and a hearty shot of rhythm’n’blues, revamps its individual ingredients into an alternative musical vision of timelessness. A long, long way from the hectic digital media world of MTVIVA, here is a record that cares about people, not technical superlatives! Dirk Jessewitsch, translation by Anna Stiefvater. CD also available at www.gasolinemusic.de

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