Artist GØRL
Title Gold
Release Date Friday, September 20, 2019
Genre Rock > Rock > Indie Rock
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The Wild World of the Weird GØRL

Artist: GØRL
Album Title: Gold
Release Date: 20th September 2019 digital/streaming/vinyl
Label: Puppengold

The Wild World of the Weird GØRL

When a 12 year old girl stuffs socks down her trousers in order to pass as a male rock singer
in the school band, you could say there is a certain type of determination at play. It also shows
that even in her younger years, Mikala Nørgaard had fun both celebrating as well as
destroying male rock clichés - even when it meant that any hope of a romantic reputation in
her teens disappeared. Socks down her leggings and 1.85 metres tall? Mikala was soon made
aware that most boys ran away - even the tough ones.

Now, a fair number of years later, Mikala’s band GØRL still plays with clichés. For her first
album, the singer, guitarist and songwriter put together a wild collection of theatrical tracks
and psychedelic melodies. Her voice is constantly mistaken for that of a man, which comes as
no surprise, as her idols are mainly male. Add to this a touch of Nordic humour, which seems
to be ingrained in the native Danish character. Her constant companion is a beer horn, since
just like all Vikings, she loves the brew like no other.

And just to top it all off, her project is called GØRL. It couldn’t be less girly! Hard to spell as
well, what with that Danish letter. Oh yeah, naturally Mikala loves the sea and ships, and
therefore a wonderfully drunk seaman’s/seawoman’s duet featuring Sir Tralala called Sailor
Song found its way onto the album. In Acid Island on the other hand, she plays the mean
Stewardess; in Circus Town she slips into the role of a hippy biker who can’t keep up with the
force of Rock’n’Roll any more and just wants to go home.

She draws her musical inspiration from decades of rock and pop music; many of her much
loved early idols have already gone to Valhalla, or whatever the Vikings call it. Glam Rock
and Psychedelic Rock live on in GØRL - possibly with some role reversals, as well as being
compiled differently to how its forebearers might have initially intended. With these songs in
her bag and her beer horn in hand, GØRL can begin her journey to what could be seen as new
shores, with absolute confidence.

Label: puppengold.com
Facebook: facebook.com/goerlmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/gorl_music


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