The Moon Song 2012

Artist G.Prangl Man
Title The Moon Song 2012
Release Date Monday, January 2, 2012
Genre Pop > Pop / Rock
Copyright © G.Prangl Man

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The Moon Song 2012 Remastered Versions

I have 2 new versions of "The Moon Song". In comparison to the first version the two new versions have in general more volume and beat on it and they are shorter. I like the old version a lot because it reminds me of 60's and 70's recordings. Today's recordings are a lot louder and that's fine too. The remastered version has a transparent strong beat and the remastered stratosphere version also has a strong beat with a stratosphere background supporting the song. Thanks for buying the 2011 version and I hope that the 2 new versions titled "The Moon Song 2012" are as successful.

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