Fredrik Carlquist Playing Cool

Artist Fredrik Carlquist
Title Fredrik Carlquist Playing Cool
Release Date Thursday, November 4, 2010
Genre Jazz > Cool
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Country SPAIN

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Fredrik Carlquist Playing Cool

Fredrik Carlquist, Swedish saxophonist living in Barcelona Spain, starts of the new year with releasing his new CD “Fredrik Carlquist Playing Cool”. This is Carlquist’s fourth album as a leader recorded in Barcelona by Fredrik except from two tracks that were recorded in Sweden during a tour. So what does the music on this album sound like? “Well, those of you that heard my previous cd Carlquist&Mitchel with guitarist Dave Mitchell will probably feel at home on this new cd also or as a reviewer in the magazine Guitar Player put it about that cd; . -if you are in to that Paul Desmond/Jim Hall sound this album will be right up your alley.....”
 One difference on this cd thou is that Dave Mitchell shares space with the Swedish guitarist Johan Leijonhufvud and on several tracks the harmony is outlined in a chord less setting together with fellow saxman Joan Chamorro and on some tracks by additional woodwinds by Carlquist. “I’ve tried to create variation  more by variating the group sound than jumping between different moods. It’s pretty mellow music thru all the album, some kind of nordic heritage that comes to speak perhaps... Definitely music to relax to rather than having in the ipod when jogging. It still has a lot of swing thou.” What are your plans for 2011? “ Now after finally taking the step to be an entirely self produced musician I’ll enjoy the freedom to record whatever I like. First out will be to follow up on my collaboration with Joan Chamorro with an entire album together. We’re also booked for some gigs to present the Fredrik Carlquist Playing Cool album. In April I’m heading for Sweden to do some gigs with old friends up there. I’m also working on a project that takes fully advantage of the home studio where I play most of the instruments myself together with some special guests.” Fredrik Carlquist- sax, woodwinds Dave Mitchell- guitar Johan Leijonhufvud-guitar Garry Fimister-bass Chris Higgins-bass Caspar St.Charles-drums Joe Smith-drums Special guest: Joan Chamorro- baritone sax


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