Barcelona - Estocolmo

Artist Fredrik Carlquist / Gustav Lundgren
Title Barcelona - Estocolmo
Release Date Monday, September 17, 2012
Genre Jazz > Chamber Jazz
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Country SPAIN

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Barcelona - Estocolmo

Barcelona - Estocolmo is a collaboration between the Swedish saxophonist Fredrik Carlquist, living in Barcelona since 2001, and the Swedish guitar player Gustav Lundgren. Over the recent years, Gustav has made numerous apperences at Spanish clubs and festivals and, in the spring of 2011, the idea was born to record an album with a Swedish and a Spanish rhythm section. In the Stockholm session, we get to hear the Kenji Rabson on bass, an American living in Stockholm for many years, and the Swedish drummer Moussa Fadera- an extremely well-calibrated rhythm section that has established themselves as one of the absolute best in Sweden today. In the Barcelona session, we find the Scottish bassist Garry Fimister together with the Spanish drummer Xavi Hinojosa, two highly sought-after players on the Catalan jazz scene. Two of the tracks were recorded "per correspondance" in the way that sound files were e-mailed between Fredrik's home studio in Sitges, outside of Barcelona, and Gustav's studio in Stockholm. For several years, both Gustav and Fredrik are entirely self- produced artists, taking care of all recording and production themselves. The repertoire on this album consists of 12 standards in fresh and spontaneous interpretations, showing that the bebop idiom continues to catch newer generations of jazz players. Gustav and Fredrik, both with experience from early jazz as well as more modern settings, clearly demonstrate on this album that it's quite possible to sound both personal and free within the classic jazz style associated with the 50's and 60's and create music that has the power to reach out to new listeners.


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