Changing Tides

Artist Frederike Music
Title Changing Tides
Release Date Sunday, May 17, 2020
Genre Pop > Pop
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Frederike Music - Changing Tides

Frederike Schonis has been singing jazz for over 30 years and therefore she has a wide experience and knowledge of her jazz repertoire.
She performed with various line-ups and traditional combos throughout the Benelux.
However, her urge to write original compositions, based on her personal and emotional life, grew more and more.
From 2013 on she started to write original songs and record it in the studio of drummer/producer Juan van Emmerloot.
Through the network of Juan she got in contact with pop- and jazz musicians, which infuenced the music direction for her compositions. Pianist/composer Albert van Dorssen joined the recording sessions on a regular base.
In 2019 Frederike, Albert and Juan decided to team up and start their band which they named FREDERIKE MUSIC.
This EP contains all previous released singles by Frederike Schonis but this time remixed and remasterd to the sound of today under their new band name FREDERIKE MUSIC.
On this EP you wil hear a fine collection of guest musicians:
Ferdi Lancee – guitar
Fabio Valdemarin – keys / bass
Damian Corlazzoli – guitar
Production at Vanmerloot Music Pros by: Juan van Emmerloot
Mastering at TheRoomRecordings by: Emile Bode

1 Welcome To My World - F. Schonis, A. van Dorssen, J. van Emmerloot
Frederike Schonis (vocals)
Albert van Dorssen (keys)
Juan van Emmerloot (drums/bass/percussion)
Damian Corlazzoli (guitars)

2 Flow of Life - F.Schonis
Frederike Schonis (vocals)
Albert van Dorssen (keys)
Juan van Emmerloot (drums/bass/percussion/guitar)

3 Love Was So Nice - A. van Dorssen, F. Schonis
Frederike Schonis (vocals)
Albert van Dorssen (keys)
Juan van Emmerloot (drums)
Ferdi Lancee (guitar)

4 Gathering My New Life - F.Schonis
Frederike Schonis (vocals)
Fabio Valdemarin (keys/bass)
Juan van Emmerloot (drums)