Romanian Rock - Pulsul Vietii

Artist Freddy Stauber
Title Romanian Rock - Pulsul Vietii
Release Date Sunday, March 29, 2009
Genre Pop > Pop / Rock
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Pulsul vietii - Puls of Life

Songs around life and situation in Romania since democracy: "Leul greu", "Greu cu greul", "Pulsul vietii". But also songs about life with its ups and downs: "Asa-i in viata", "Fericirea", "Ploaie in suflet". And there is a special song, a trilogy "Pe Mare/On the Sea" composed of 3 songs: "Lalage", "Ambiance", "Pe Mare". Psychadelic rock along the theme of love between Hyperion and a sea nymph.


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