Finn (Original Filmmusic Soundtrack)

Artist Fons Merkies
Title Finn (Original Filmmusic Soundtrack)
Release Date Thursday, December 5, 2013
Genre Soundtracks > Original Score
Copyright © Riva Media Records

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Very nice soundtrack music of Christmas Film 'Finn'

The film music is composed by Fons Merkies and is very important throughout this film. RIVA MEDIA RECORDS has released soundtrack albums of films and TV series, such as: STRICKEN (in Dutch: 'Komt een vrouw bij de Dokter', in German: 'Love Life', in Spanish: 'Prueba de Amor', shown in many territories throughout the World) FLIKKEN (COPS) MAASTRICHT (In Italy on TV as 'Coppia in Giallo') ALLES IS LIEFDE ('Love is all') with the film music by Rec Sound TIRZA THE HEINEKEN KIDNAPPING (film music by Tom Holkenborg) DE GELUKKIGE HUISVROUW DOLFJE WEERWOLFJE ('Alfie, the little Werewolf') 3D film NOVA ZEMBLA featuring famous model Doutzen Kroes, of which the main music theme is remixed by world's number one DJ Armin van Buuren. LIJN 32 with the music of Tom Holkenborg ALLES IS FAMILIE with music of Fons Merkies DE MARATHON HET BOMBARDEMENT JACKIE VALENTINO HET DINER (THE DINNER) with film music of Fons Merkies and theme song Blue Bittersweet by Ilse Delange MIDDEN IN DE WINTERNACHT with the very nice impressive score of Jorrit kleijnen en Alexander Reumers