Arte di Musica seu Musica Alchemica

Artist Fairy Consort
Title Arte di Musica seu Musica Alchemica
Release Date Saturday, November 21, 2015
Genre Vocal
Copyright © PANIDEA
Country ITALY

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Early music and Alchemy

Early music with implications in the field of alchemy. The Fairy Consort is an Early Music ensemble founded and directed by Luca Dragani. Members are: Paola Incani - soprano, Nara Montefusco - soprano, Mariusz Szymanski - baritono, Maurizio Garofalo - tenore, Roberto Torto - flauti dolci, Luca Matani - viella e violino, Luca Dragani - viole da gamba, flauti dolci, cornamuto diritto, Paolo Novelli - cembalo, organo, percussioni.

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