Artist Esprit De Corpse
Title Narcissart
Release Date Thursday, December 10, 2020
Genre Rock > Punk > Polit-Punk
Copyright © Nil By Mouth Records (UK)

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Esprit De Corpse are an alternative post-punk rock trio from the industrial wast

Straddling metal, punk, noise, pop and spoken word and almost anything else they can exploit, the group are self-styled practitioners of what they call ‘death blues’ or ‘faux metal’.
Their debut album, Narcissart, following their singles Bile and Narcissart, introduces an extended palette of their basic, primeval, almost ugly sound to the general public.
Applying the band’s trademark black comedy treatment to social commentary, Narcissart’s targets range from bigotry, economics and identity politics to tobacco and drug companies, social media and internet shopping addiction. Taking a different and quite unique approach to lyric writing, Esprit De Corpse are more likely to reference philosophers and economists than rock stars and celebrities.
An exercise in what aestheticians might call ‘difficult beauty’, Esprit De Corpse’s Narcissart is pop music but not as we know it. Brace yourselves, people.


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