Artist Esprit De Corpse
Title Narcissart
Release Date Thursday, September 17, 2020
Genre Rock > Rock > Alternative Rock
Copyright © Nil By Mouth Records (UK)

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Narcissart single number two from Teesside post-punk rock trio Esprit De Corpse

Straddling metal, punk, noise, pop and spoken word and almost anything else they can exploit, the group are self-styled practitioners of what they call ‘death blues’. At first blush, the song might be seen to refer to the current trend for posting up pouting photographs over the internet for peer approval. An easy target for ridicule, for sure. But don’t sneer too enthusiastically!

The democratisation of narcissism facilitated by digital social media is merely an extension of the focus on identity and the self that has preoccupied Western high culture from art through to philosophy for centuries. Narcissart, in both single and LP formats, is a uniquely absurd exercise in black comedy, here to provoke reflection and dancing! Narcissart for the people!


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