Artist Esprit De Corpse
Title Bile
Release Date Friday, June 5, 2020
Genre Rock > Rock > Alternative Rock
Copyright © Nil By Mouth Records (UK)

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Bile is the bone-shaking debut single from Esprit De Corpse.

Bile is the bone-shaking debut single from Esprit De Corpse, a post-punk rock trio from the industrial wastelands of Teesside in Northern England. Straddling metal, punk, noise, pop and spoken word and almost anything else they can exploit, the group are self-styled practitioners of what they call ‘death blues’ or ‘faux metal’.

Written in an increasingly unpleasant climate of institutional distrust and political disillusionment, the songs evokes a nation at war with itself and, apparently, everybody else. Or, at least, that is what much of its reactionary popular media reflects as it heaps scorn and vitriol upon the young, the poor, the disadvantaged, benefit claimants, refugees, immigrants, workers on strike, ‘do-gooders’ and countless others. As the song suggests, the bile spewed upon these groups ‘makes hating people easier’. Trailing their forthcoming album Narcissart, it offers a fittingly nasty noise for a particularly unpleasant form of ‘othering’. Green and nasty. Bile.


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