Piano Painted Pictures

Artist Echoes Of Now
Title Piano Painted Pictures
Release Date Monday, April 26, 2010
Genre Inspirational
Copyright © Wunderbeer Productions

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Piano Painted Pictures

1) the longing 2) intermedium 3) a sight for your eyes 4) spheres and fears 5) like ripples 6) so far a way 7) my secret plays 8) joycing 9) song for a. 10) on echo beach 11) something in between 12) as been told 13) dreamland 14) something you said 15) the bar is closed


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    A Sight For Your Eyes (Echoes Of Now)
    As Been Told (Echoes Of Now)
    Dreamland (Echoes Of Now)
    Intermedium (Echoes Of Now)
    Joycing (Echoes Of Now)
    Like Ripples (Echoes Of Now)
    My Secret Plays (Echoes Of Now)
    On Echo Beach (Echoes Of Now)
    So Far A Way (Echoes Of Now)
    Something In Between (Echoes Of Now)
    Something You Said (Echoes Of Now)
    Song For A. (Echoes Of Now)
    Spheres And Fears (Echoes Of Now)
    The Bar Is Closed (Echoes Of Now)
    The Longing (Echoes Of Now)