Artist DyadHop
Title Distance
Release Date Thursday, February 26, 2015
Genre Jazz > Contemporary Jazz
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Dyadhop Announces Live Debut CD

DYADHOP is a two-saxophone 4tet featuring Dennis Brandner (tenor) and Michael Erian (tenor and soprano). Prof. Erian was Mr. Brandner's teacher at Kärntnerlandeskonservatorium - which is a very long word for Carinthia County Conservatory - in Klagenfurt, Austria. A two-sax 4tet is a rare enough occurance, much less one featuring former teacher and student. In this instance, the two styles emerge and merge with fire and grace, creating deep and spontaneous musical events from each song. With the ever-swinging accompaniment (or better yet - contributions) of Klemens Marktl - Drums and Percussion, and Milan Nikolic - Bass, the music of DYADHOP is a wild and beautiful improvised excursion through 8 original pieces.

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