Mister Magic

Artist Dub Tribe Rising
Title Mister Magic
Release Date Friday, April 14, 2023
Genre Reggae > Pop-Reggae
Copyright © Log A Fire Records

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Is it Reggae, is it Dub, is it Pop - it is Mister Magic.

This is definitly a "MAKE YOU SMILE" - Tune. What a lovely, hooky and magical HELLO from the neverresting DIY Producer Duo of Dub Tribe Rising. A catchy and basslinedriven offbeat vibe with flutes and trumpets packed in a groove where it's barely possible not to dance. A unique and exciting mix of Reggae, Dub, Pop and Electronic Soundpaintings.
The vocal hook won´t leave you once it catched you. Be sure you move your fingers where we all can see. Mister Magic is coming your way.


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