Honey And The Bear

Artist Dub Tribe Rising feat. Sabolious
Title Honey And The Bear
Release Date Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Genre R&B / Soul > Soul
Copyright © Log A Fire Records

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Imagine the 'sister' of Amy Winehouse & Lauryn Hill connects with Lofi-Dubbers?

A song about deep love and a song about relationships
A song about feeling connected and a song about feeling apart.
A song about fights and a song about reconcile.
A song about optimistic and doubts.
A song about closeness and distance.
A song about twin flame warrios and broken hearted wanderers.
A song about us. A song about HONEY AND THE BEAR.
The never resting producer Duo - DUB TRIBE RISING, delivers an highly intimate, private und soulful tune about the ups and downs, the highs and the lows, the joyful flights and the brutal landings which a totally maskfree and openhearded and radical honest relationship brings on the table. What a hook, what a cosy saxophone line and what a laid back and smooth riddim. Oh Yes, don´t hesitate: Hug, kiss and dance with your beloved ones - show yourself to everyone - no need to hide. Never.

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