Tune In

Artist Dominique Starck
Title Tune In
Release Date Monday, December 21, 2009
Genre New Age > Meditation
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Dominique Starck Tune In

Dominique Starck Tune In Guitar solo Ethno-meditative music DNDS 21023 Switzerland Visite www.starck-music.ch Audio Geomancy for harmonizing your space (Geomanmusic) Conception of this music is the harmony of the spheres discovered by Pythagoras, Platon, Kepler and Kaiser. DNDS Records Badenerstrasse 24a CH-8104 Weiningen Dominique Starck was born in 1956 into a family of musicians from Strassburg, whose musical legacy was passed on from generation to generation. In his youth he played in various band formations as guitarist and composer. He studied at Zurich Conservatory of Music and Musikhochschule Zurich with Gertrud Brun and Walter Feybli and graduated with a concert diploma with distinction in 1978. He studied composition with Josef Haselbach and devoted his further studies to Oriental, Far-Eastern and African music. These were later followed by studies of music education as well as Middle School project management. His composition work was also influenced by studies of music, Alexander technique and Chi-Gong with L. Jeng-Chun Chen (Taiwan) and studies of African music with Cheikh Tidiane Niane (Senegal). Dominique Starck's chamber music concert performances in vairous formations (Jazz and classical) have taken him through various parts of Europe and USA. Numerous CD, Radio and TV recordings have been produced over the past years. He has been a teacher at the Neue Kantonsschule Aarau since 1978, where he teaches guitar as well as founding a sound studio and working on student projects. He further works at the Montessori School "d'Insle" in accordance with the principles of Maria Montessori. His teaching method is based on the METHODE STARCK which was developed by his grandfather in Strassburg and passed on via his parents Claude and Therese Starck. This methodology is also being continued through the violin teaching work of his brother Christophe Starck. During the past 80 years numerous music teaching specialists have been inspired and educated with this method. Through his research work with Prof. Dr. Balthasar Staehelin in psychsomatics (University of Zürich), John Buttrick (Music therapist USA) and meetings with Native Indians in den USA Dominique Starck built on his knowledge and interest in the therapeutic aspects of music. Dominique Starck was a student of various shamanic and spiritual schools. His work was inspired by contact with Massai Indians in Africa, Native Indians in the USA and through working with the following teachers: • Gabi Patak, Reshad Feild (Sufism) • John Diamond, John Buttrick (Music-Kinesiology) • L. Jeng-Chun Chen (Chi-Gong) • Cheikh Tidiane Niane (African Music and Dance) • Regula Meyer, Agnes Hidveghy, Prof. Balthasar Staehelin (Spirituality, Christian mysticism) Dominique Starck *1956 stammt aus einer Strassburger Musikerfamilie in der das musikalische Erbe von Generation zu Generation weitergegeben wurde. In seiner Jugend spielte er als Gitarrist und Komponist in verschiedenen Bandformationen. Er studierte am Konservatorium und an der Musikhochschule Zürich bei Gertrud Brun und Walter Feybli, und schloss 1978 mit dem Konzertdiplom mit Auszeichnung ab. Bei Josef Haselbach studierte er Komposition und widmete weitere Studien orientalischer, fernöstlicher und afrikanischer Musik. Es folgten Ausbildungen für musikalische Früherziehung und für Projektunterricht an Mittelschulen. Sein kompositorisches Schaffen beeinflussten auch Musik- Alexander- und Chi-Gong- Studien bei L. Jeng-Chun Chen (Taiwan) und Studien afrikanischer Musik bei Cheikh Tidiane Niane (Senegal). Dominique Starck's kammermusikalische Konzerttätigkeit führt ihn mit verschiedenen Formationen (Jazz und Klassik) durch Europa und die USA. Es entstanden zahlreiche CD-, Radio- und TV- Aufzeichnungen. Seit 1978 ist er als Gitarrenlehrer an der Neuen Kantonsschule Aarau tätig, wo er auch ein Soundlabor aufbaute und Projekte leitet. An der Montessori-Schule „d'Insle“ in Zürich arbei


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