Artist Dominique Starck/Daniel Neukom
Title Diamond
Release Date Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Genre Inspirational
Copyright © DNDS Records

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Diamond Dominique Starck guit Daniel Neukom flute

Diamond Music for Meditation Dominique Starck (guit) and Daniel Neukom (flute) DNDS Records 1223-2 Diamond-music is the result of many years of musical collaboration. The work is characterised by our common interest in improvisation and the desire to incorporate Western traditions as weil as the music of other cultures. All music obeys harmonie laws that form the basis of everything living. Their specific diversity, however, is brought to expression through the different cultures. Western music for example, is based on the law of the octave, in which processes like involution and evo-lution reveal themselves. The law of the triad represents the three universal forces (affirmation, negation and reconciliation). Each step in the octave has it's own quality, sound and function within an hierarchical order. From times immemorial mankind has given form to the cosmic laws in many ways. Consider the old cathedrals or other architectural masterpieces. They have been transmitted through symbols such as the labyrinth at Chartre, Jacob's Ladder or through the Holy Scriptures. In becoming aware of the universal validity of the laws and by listening carefully, we created this music - out of the present moment. May this music find its reality in each listener. "I am the flute, but the music is Yours". (Mevlana Jelalu'ddin Rumi) LA is dedicated to Mevlana Jelalu'ddin Rumi. Cover picture as meditation: Jean-Michel Neukom

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