Sound Meditation Vol. 1

Artist DeepMindRelaxation
Title Sound Meditation Vol. 1
Release Date Thursday, February 23, 2012
Genre New Age > Meditation
Copyright © Hilmar Hajek

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Sound Meditation Vol. 1 - Meditation 1 (Track 1-5), Meditation 2 (Track 6)

Both sound meditations can be used for an inner journey with the intention of diving into the present. In contrast to “Shakuhachi Impressions” and “Essential Floating I”, this CD is not primarily suitable as background music, accompaniment or easy listening but develops its force particularly in the following setting: take your time, avoid any external disturbances, and go on a journey through this moment by sensing existence while you listen – simple and purist, and for that reason so forceful. Sound Meditation Vol. I is an experience which goes beyond consuming. Hearing is passive, listening demands awareness, listening is an active, sensual experience. You can set out on this road with this CD. Whether spherical sounds or archaic sounds, everything simple and repeatable can be used for meditation. DeepMindRelaxation uses different instruments in this recording and hence different sound colours and sound characteristics. Although the tracks can be individually selected, the concept of this CD is that tracks 1-5 with their gently merging transitions can be used for a self-contained sound meditation. So the person meditating can let themselves be carried into silence by conch horns, overtone flutes or fading singing bowl. The second sound meditation (track 6) is suited for those who love the somewhat archaic-seeming sound space with didgeridoos and percussion, which naturally is of an earthing nature.

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