Essential Floating 2

Artist DeepMindRelaxation
Title Essential Floating 2
Release Date Thursday, October 3, 2013
Genre New Age > Meditation
Copyright © Hilmar Hajek

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Essential Floating 2 - Music for Meditation and Relaxation

As far as the title of this CD is concerned, the name speaks for itself. Essential Floating II is an offer which one can hardly pass by. This composition marked by a continuous basic rhythm form an ideal basis for just letting oneself be carried along – as if lying in a boat on a calm sea and looking at the sky. DeepMindRelaxation varies, with instruments such as the hang, flutes, didgeridoo or stringed instruments, so that along with the beneficial relaxing effect one is also continually motivated to active listening. This makes Essential Floating II interesting for a wide range of uses. - sound meditation, to find oneself through awareness - accompaniment for massages as a harmonic background - background music in therapeutic establishments such as doctor’s practices, to support a confident atmosphere - intermittent accentuation of Qi Gong, Yoga or Tai chi, in order to practice at a lasting calm pace. Along with these concrete possibilities, Essential Floating II can be used to wonderful effect as a world music lounge, for example at a social get together or while doing the housework in a leisurely way.

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