Why Him

Artist David Pleasure
Title Why Him
Release Date Monday, July 1, 2024
Genre Electronic > Dance > Hands-Up
Copyright © Heinz Kirchschlager

Promotion Text

Why Him - The New Single from David Pleasure

Get ready to dance the night away with David Pleasure's electrifying new single, 'Why Him.'

'Why Him' is a celebration of music, love, and the thrill of the night. With its infectious beats and catchy lyrics, this song will have you moving from the first note to the last. Smooth vocals and the pulsating rhythm create an irresistible anthem for anyone who knows the magic of losing themselves in the music.
Feel the energy and let your spirit soar as 'Why Him' takes you on a journey through the highs of romance and the ecstasy of dance. Whether you're at the club, a festival, or dancing in your living room, this track is the perfect soundtrack to your most unforgettable moments.