Everyone's a Guru

Artist David Bell
Title Everyone's a Guru
Release Date Monday, September 17, 2018
Genre Rock > Rock > Rock & Roll
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Everyone's a Guru - info & credits

Walking down the street one day, I was looking around and I just thought “Everyone´s a Guru!”
That was it! The beginning of a new song and the as yet then unwritten and unrecorded album.
The songs came to me quickly and were also recorded soon afterwards.
For me some of the songs are spiritual, some are bluesy and some are love songs.
Tributes to spirituality, to the blues, to love, and a humble tribute to the late,
great JJ Cale are on the musical menu.
When you listen to the album you can decide for yourself.
I thank my friend Jörg Haberl for sitting behind the drumset on my little songs,
and a big thank you to Gabriel Vana for sharing her beautiful voice by singing some lovely harmonies!
A very big thank you to my son Paul who played slide guitar for me when he was in Austria,
and ......... a huge thank you to my dear friend Peter Moritz for his wonderful mastering,
the publishing of the songs and all the work he´s done to get them out into the big wide world.
I hope you have as much enjoyment listening to the album as I did making it.
I thank the spirits that passed through me giving me these little songs,
and I’m happy and joyful that they are now available to listeners of music on this beautiful planet.
May all sentient beings live in peace and joy in a vegan world
Dedicated to Supreme Master Ching Hai
With love and gratitude to God and the Universe

All songs written, arranged, recorded, mixed and produced by David Bell
at Ding Dong studios, Zeltweg/Spielberg, Austria.
Mastered by Peter Moritz at Radwerk 14 studios, Vordernberg, Austria.
All songs published by Radwerk 14 Music Publishing.
Vocals, bass, all guitars, organ, piano, electric piano, harmonica, mandolin, percussion: David Bell
Drums: Jörg Haberl
Backing vocals: Gabriele Vana
Lead guitar on track 7: Paul Bell
Graphics and artwork by Christopher Kuzma
All photos by Hermann Maier except: Gabriele by Günter Hauer,
Jörg by Jörg Haberl, Paul by Paul Bell, Nala doggie by Gabriele Vana
Thanks to: Jörg, Gabriele, Paul, Christopher, Hermann, to all my friends
(you know who you are), my family and very special thanks to Peter for helping me
bring my little songs out into the world.
Thanks to Gabriele and Nala doggie for their unending love and support.

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