Artist Daniel von Lison
Title Danissimo
Release Date Monday, March 3, 2014
Genre Electronic > House > Electronica
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DANISSIMO by Daniel von Lison

DANISSIMO by Daniel von Lison With his newest release Daniel von Lison pours out a cornucopia of breathtaking new music and presents his most personal CD production. Known as “The Electronic Virtuoso” Daniel von Lison plays instead of a grand piano a gigantic electronic concert instrument with three rows of keys offering enormous musical and sound options. This also visually stunning instrument is in its kind one of the world´s largest. In collaboration with producer and composer Al Gee (aka David Bloom,P.M.G, etc.) arose compositions that you might associate most closely with classic crossover styles. By combining contemporary, electronic and symphonic elements an entirely new dimension of listening has been created. Sometimes you will feel displaced into the world of film music, sometimes you will think you're right in the dance club. In addition, you can look forward to two other great and famous artists, accompanied congenially by Daniel von Lison´s phantastic musical landscapes. René Giessen, perhaps the most renowned harmonica player in the world, plays a medley from Ennio Morricone´s „Once Upon A Time in The West“. Last but not least the highly esteemed violin virtuoso Michael Makarov thrills with a formidable and modern interpretation of Monti's Csárdás.


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