Artist Daniel ven Becker
Title ConMan
Release Date Sunday, January 31, 2016
Genre Vocal
Copyright © phatcafer lab. records

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ConMan - Songs about a very sick mind

Born storm worm Feel real kneelHatch fetch snatchLight sight fightI am a con manI thouhgt that this life was 'bout me - I am a winnerbut money is made by a man as a sinnerWhat glory is born by a hideous mind?I chose to believe in the con man kind.I am a con manI sell you gods love as a product of powerwill build out of nothing a confidence towerwill let you enjoy all those lies I call feelingand you'll be the one who is finally kneelingI am a con manBehind my own back is the knife that will pierceI give a darn shit 'bout your loss and your tearsGive me your knowledge your freedom your skillthat's what my soul needs to climb on "gods" hillI am a con manI'd found my own church to get back on my feedconvinced hundred people: it's this what you needbut if you start praying you'll soon get to knowit's me for whose sake you sing and you bowI am a con manDid you ever think about me as a friend?I soon will be gone - for this I was mentTo steel is to breath and to prey is to livethere's so much more people I'll con just to give.I am a con manThere's no one alive that can hold back my fireall of those fuckheads will call me a sireNothing I wish for I wouldn't achieveI chose to become an almighty thiefBorn storm worm Feel real kneelHatch fetch snatchLight sight fightI am a con man

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