Da Capo

Artist Da Capo
Title Da Capo
Release Date Thursday, May 9, 2013
Genre Opera > Classical
Composers AL GEE, SILVIO D`ANZA, R.Lovland, Thomas G:son, DANIEL VON LISON & DAVID BLOOM, Bryan Davies, Francis Lai, Nino Rota, Giuseppe Verdi, Franz Schubert
Songwriters AL GEE, SILVIO D`ANZA, B.Graham, P.Bostrom, DANIEL VON LISON & DAVID BLOOM, Abraham Zvi Idelsohn, Nino Rota, Franz Schubert
Copyright © EDITION 88

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DA CAPO is an international operatic pop project consists of SILVIO D'ANZA "The Popstar Among Tenors" and DANIEL VON LISON "The Electronic Virtuoso". Althoug the artists are successful in their solo careers, they decided to join forces to perform together on this unique collaborative music project. Extensive experience in performing music enabled the artists to truly excel at what they do, competing even when playing together to achieve the best sound possible. DA CAPO - the duo sensation with their clever and inspiring takes on popular music from loreen to westlife, their eclectic mix of classical by e.g. “aida” or “ave maria”, film score "brucia la terra" (the godfather theme), own songs like e.g. "over & over" (written by david bloom & mary s. applegate), or traditional "hava nagila" resonate with audiences across generations and from all walks of life! SILVIO D’ANZA is known as "The Popstar Among Tenors". The gentleman with an edge blends the charm of a classical tenor and the coolness of a popstar like no other. His interpretations of international pop, rock, film & classic hits and own songs clearly redefine the genre “operatic pop” - the presumed differences between classical and pop music vanish and melt into a completely new listening pleasure. His fiery temperament and distinctive, sensual and emotional voice have already entertained and delighted audiences of millions. www.silviodanza.com DANIEL VON LISON "The Electronic Virtuoso" is one of the top piano and keyboard artists. With his unique arrangements he is always welcomed as a solo artist all over Europe. Instead of the piano he usually plays a huge concert instrument with three rows of keys offering the sound illusion of a full orchestra or a big band. This visually stunning, snow-white instrument is in its kind one of the world`s largest and most expensive one. www.daniel-von-lison.de


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    AIDA (Silvio d`Anza & Daniel von Lison)
    AMOR PROHIBIDO (Silvio d`Anza & Daniel von Lison)
    AVE MARIA (Silvio d`Anza & Daniel von Lison)
    BRUCIA LA TERRA (Silvio d`Anza & Daniel von Lison)
    CLASSICAL MISSION (Daniel von Lison)
    EUPHORIA (Silvio d`Anza & Daniel von Lison)
    FIREWORX (Daniel von Lison)
    HAVA NAGILA (Silvio d`Anza & Daniel von Lison)
    LOVE AFFAIRS (Daniel von Lison)
    MUSIC (Silvio d`Anza & Daniel von Lison)
    PASSIONE (MOVIE "LOVE STORY") (Silvio d`Anza & Daniel von Lison)
    PRINCIPESSA PAULINA (Daniel von Lison)
    YOU RAISE ME UP (Silvio d`Anza & Daniel von Lison)