Artist d n Flava
Title Uberfunk
Release Date Sunday, May 15, 2011
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Hip Hop
Copyright © Digital jamz Music

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D n Flava

The Title track from The Uberfunk Mix is a good indication of what to expect from the album. Uberfunk rap over fun funky beats harkening to the Birth of hip-Hop in a modern context. This song, like the album, is sure to raise spirits in your clubs, fill the dance floors, turn heads when you drive past and have you nodding your head. From legendary underground producer Mr. d and Ptown 503 favorite Joe Flava comes a track that's already been an underground sensation since 2004, remastered, remaxed and rereleased! Uberfunk!

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18.06.2011 Release of album "The Uberfunk Mix"