Allegiance to the Boom

Artist d n Flava
Title Allegiance to the Boom
Release Date Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Genre Hip Hop/Rap > Underground
Copyright © Digital jamz Music

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Uberfunk goes international!

Experience The Uberfunk movement as it was enjoyed by California and Oregon residents during its creation 2002-2004! Created primarily in Portland, Oregon and parts of California, the Uberfunk movement gained popularity in areas in East Los Angeles, Sacramento on of course Portland. Uberfunk music is distinguished by its unique tonal blend of classic Hip-Hop sensibilities with bold experimentation (think the fun of Sugar Hill Gang, Hip-Hop purity of Wu-Tang’s Enter the 36 Chambers combined with some risk taking craziness). It is decidedly non-generic, always striving for forward moment but keeping very strongly to the essence of classic Hip-Hop music. Far ahead of its time, The Uberfunk Mix demonstrates a collection of music that's just as ground breaking today as it was in 2004!

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18.06.2011 Album release!